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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
This hybrid was registered as Pope Saint Peter in 2003. Yet, I have never seen any photos of the cross.
I assumed that it would look like Hatsue Otsuka (Golddollar x roth) and bought one seedling a couple of years ago.
It has grown well and now in bloom for the first time. I'm rather bumped about the low flower count and flower size (13cm wide). Otherwise, the flower is quite nice. This particular clone has a more green than yellow flower with some brown on the pouch. I am curious to see if the intense yellow of armeniacum will eventually kick in.
The plant has seven leaves that are about 8-9inch long on average. There is also a new growth well on its way. Hopefully this will prove to be an easier plant to flower again and again.

Lovely, I like that hue of green. looks like a first glimps of spring this year...
very interesting cross...better than what I would expect.
Very nice outcome! As others have stated, would like to see another pic in a week or two to see if the color changes.
What does the foliage look like?

The leaves are mottled similar to Dollgoldi. The main difference is that there is undulation along the ridge like colchlopetalum. I will post pictures later along with flower updates if the color changes.
Really? Is that considered better or is it a personal preference? I like the subtle contrast myself.

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