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Chiu Hua Dancer x St Swithin and rothschildianum x Robinianum flasks

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Jul 8, 2014
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Pennsylvania, USA
Hey guys,
Welp, it's that time again. The roth 'Vermithrax' x Robinianum 'Alissa Male' FCC/AOS and Chiu Hua Dancer 'Wacky Worm' AM/AOS (88pt) x St Swithin 'Cracked Pepper' flasks are ready to go. There's some pretty darn good genetic material here.
I have 8 of each cross that I can spare.
Flasks are $50 each, plus either 13.60 or 18.85 shipping for either a medium or large USPS flat rate box. Sorry but they don't fit in the cheap small boxes. I line the boxes with styrofoam for insulation and have heat packs, but we will still have to watch the weather when shipping. If anyone in PA, Northern Maryland ( I could meet you at the next National Capital Judging Center meeting) , Western New Jersey, or central to Southern New York wants to buy some, I am happy to meet you somewhere and hand-deliver them.

Please PM with any interest. Payment via PayPal

Flasks contain 7-10+ plants as shown in the example photos:

Here's some info about the parents:
[/url]roth vermithrax 1[/IMG]
rothschildianum 'Vermithrax' - Orchid Zone breeding, CH x Red Baron, first bloomed with 5 dark flowers, biggest flower was 30cm NS, 6.1 dorsal, 1.7cm petal width, and very flat
Robinianum 'Alissa Male' FCC/AOS - The highest-scoring Robinianum. Awarded with 17 flowers and 2 buds on 4 spikes, Spread 16.2, dorsal 3.6, and 2.2cm petal width.

[/url]CHD wacky worm[/IMG]
Chiu Hua Dancer 'Wacky Worm' AM/AOS 88pt - longest petals on record for a Chiu Hua Dancer. Awarded with a petal length of 34; they can reach 36 to 38cm on occasion.
[/url]DSC_4644[/IMG] Saint Swithin 'Cracked Pepper' - very nice St Swithin, first bloomed with 4 flowers,NS 26, 5.1 dorsal width, 1.5cm petal width, and 19cm petal length, and excellent color.
A bit. I imagine they will run the gamut from Julius to William Trelease, with the best ones being a little of both.

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