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Made up a list of plants.....

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John M

Orchid Addict
Jun 7, 2006
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Hamilton, Ontario - Canada
Here is a bunch of plants that will go onto my website soon.......after ST members get first crack at them. Sorry, I can only ship within Canada. If you see something that you like, PM me your e-mail and I'll send you an e-mail with photos. (Because it takes my server 90 minutes to upload the photo e-mail, I'll wait until I get a few requests and then send the e-mail out to everyone who asked, all at once. So, let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks!

Masdevallias: all in clay pots.

Elle - 10 growths.* 3 spikes.* $45.
Sunset Jaguar - 6 1/2 growths. $40.
Paul Martinod - 9 growths.* $30.
veitchiana - 6 growths.* $25.
barleana 'Harold' - 5 growths.* $20.
Winged Leopard - 4+ growths.* $30.
Kimballiana 'Golden Gate' AM/AOS - 7 growths.* $45.
Mary Staal 'Larry Sanford' - 6 growths.* $30.

Other Orchids

Coelogyne lawrenceana - 3 growth, BS division.* Bare-root.* $35.

Coelogyne mooreana 'Brockhurst' FCC/RHS - BS division.* Potted.* $50.

Sobralia macrantha 'Charlie' - BS divisions bare-root and whole plants.* All the same clone - 'Charlie'.* This clone has a very pleasing Cattleya-like shape with a lip more proportional to the rest of the flower. $25 - $75.

Cattleya jenmanii 'Charlie' - 2 growth, front lead division,
bare-root.* VERY select clone.* $60.

Cattleya loddigessii 'Perfect' - BS, 2 growth front lead division. Bare-root.* $45.

Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata - 3 growth propagation division.* NBS - BS.* Established in pot.* $25.

Cattleya gaskelliana v. alba - 4 growths with 3 leaves plus 1 new, lead growth.* $55.* Also, one smaller division of the same clone - 4 growth with 4 leaves.* The lead growth is in sheath.* $45. Both are potted.

Cattleya gaskelliana v. Tipo 'Carlisle' - 5 growths.* BS.* VERY choice clone.* $75. Potted.

Cattleya gaskelliana v. alba 'Charlie' - 6 growths.* BS.* VERY choice clone.* $95. Potted.

Cattleya gaskelliana v. Tipo - originally wild collected plant (~1988).
3-4 growth BS division, taken from my specimen plant.* Bare-root. $45.

Cattleya Lawre-mossiae v. coerulea - Potted - NBS - BS* $35.

Slc. Jungle* Beau 'Lakeland' - mounted.* BS.* (VERY cute miniature) $45.

Cattleya luteola clone #2 (Select)- 5 growths. BS.* Clay pot.* $50.

Cattleya mossiae v. Semi-alba - BS, bare-root division.* 2 growths plus a new growth started.* $45.

Laelia purpurata v. Tipo - BS.* 2 growth plus one new growth started.* Bare-root.* $60.

Cattleya percivalliana 'Summit' FCC/AOS - BS in 6" clay pot.* In sheath.* The best of the best for this species.* This is a division of the original awarded plant....NOT a meristem.* Provinence available with plant.* $100.

Cattleya percivalliana v. semi-alba - BS division.* Bare-root.* $50.

Cattleya Korat Spot 'Green Spot' - BS, potted.* $40.

Lc. Carla Off - NBS propagation division.* Huge, fragrant flowers that last about a month in April/May.* 1 mature growth plus 1 new growth...with roots.* Bare-root.* $40.

Cattleya walkeriana v. coerulea 'Cho-Jo' - BS, 2 growth, bare-root divisions of this choice, fragrant, blue flowered clone.* $60.

Cattleya intermedia v. Tipo - Bare-root division.* 3 growths.* $45.

Laelia lobata v. alba 'Carlisle's Best' - BS, 3 growth division.* Bare-root.* $65.

Cattleya mendelii - rare species.* 3 growths (1 bloomed, 2 new leads).* BS Division.* Bare-root.* $50

Papilionanthe teres - 2' top cuttings. Bare-root. $20.

Paph. kolopakingii ('Jeanies Green Ghost' x 'Jamboree') - seedling with a 16"+ leafspan.* Sent bare-root. $100.00 Sorry, no photo.

Paph. hainanense - seedling-sized division.* Potted. 3" leaf span.* $25.

Paph. haynaldianum 'Sheila' AM/AOS - Single growth, NBS propagation division from my awarded mother plant. Should bloom in about ~18 months.* This plant got it's award at the Ottawa show in 1993.* It had 7(!) huge, well coloured, well shaped blooms on a single inflorescence.* As far as I know, it is the only haynaldianum known to have 7 blooms on one stem.* Sent bare-root.$100.

Paph. micranthum - BS. Single growth.* Potted. $50.

Paph. philippinense 'Gregory' - 1 growth division.* Potted. NBS.* $50.

Paph. palawanense 'Si' - This is a very special species.* It is either a variety of philippinense or a separate species, depending on the taxonomist.* It has recently been described as var. compactum. It is a very miniature plant....a teacup multifloral Paph!* But, the flowers are near normal size.* The mother plant had 9 growths in a 3" pot!* This particular clone has well above average, excellent form and should get awarded one day.* I have 1 seedling-sized propagation division - potted @ $50 and 1 large, BS, 3 growth division - potted @ $450.

Phaius flavum v. maculatus - BS divisions.* 2 clones.* This is the rare variety with the beautiful white spotted foliage.* One is already divided and established in pot and the other would be a bare-root, front lead division.* $50 each.

Phal. philippinensis 'Kirby' - BS keiki. Potted.* A very nice clone of this hard to find species.* $200.

Phal. philippinensis -* Sorry, no photo of this clone.* It is just like the one above except the petals do not overlap the dorsal sepal at all.* Seedling sized keiki. Potted* $25.** Larger plant in spike. Potted* $50.

Phal. sanderiana - Seedling sized keiki of a very good clone.* Bare-root $25

Thunia marshalliana 'New Life' AM/AOS - BS division. Potted* $35.

Phrag. besseae 'Wendy Warrior Princess' - BS (1 old growth leaf plus 3 new growths).* Potted. $50. (Sorry, no photo)

Phrag. ecuadorense 'Charlie' -* 1 large seedling-sized - NBS division.* This is a miniature plant, with a very large (for the species) flower.* Very choice.* I normally sell BS divisions for $100.00.* Sent bare-root. This smaller propagation division is $30.

Phrag. ecuadorense 'Si' - 1 BS front growth division.* Bare-root.* This is a miniature clone with small foliage and small flowers.* Very cute.* $30.

Phrag. Grouville - BS division in spike. Potted.* $40.

Phrag.* Apple Pie - BS division.* Potted. $50.

Phrag. Dominianum 'Conformist' - NBS division.* Potted. 2 growth.* $50.

Phrag. Acker's Starlight - NBS division.* Potted. $45

Phrag. Firestorm - BS lead growth division with root nubs and a few very short roots.* Needs an experienced grower to establish. Awesome RED colour and wide, horizontal form!* Bare-root. $100.

Phrag. Sunset Glow 4N - 1 old growth plus 1 new growth.* BS.* Potted. $60.

Phrag. Magdalene Rose 4N - 1 old growth (dying off) and 1 healthy new growth.* NBS division.* Potted. $25.

Phrag. besseae 'Carlisle'
1 unbloomed BS growth, established in a 4 1/2" pot.* This is the plant that is pictured on my website at $2,800.00.* * I will offer it for a short time at $700.00; hoping for a quick sale.* It is the finest besseae to come along in a long time!* This clone was selected from over 1,000 blooming plants!

Phrag. Mini Grande
I have a few different clones of Phrag. Mini Grande.* Some are BS with one bloomed growth and one 1/3 mature new growth.* Some are NBS with one smaller old growth and one starter growth.* The BS plants are priced at $50.00 and the smaller divisions are priced at $30.00.

Phrag. schlimii 'Charlie'
This is the best schlimii I've ever seen!* I have one single growth, established, NBS division available at $150.00* I also have a larger, 2 growth, BS division available at $400.00

Phrag. schlimii 'Afton'
I have a large plant of this and I can make a BS, bare-root division.* This clone is priced at $50 per BS growth.

Phrag. Shimmer 'Carlisle'
I have one BS, established division available at $60.00

Phrag. besseae v. flavum 'Charlie'
I have a NBS, established, single growth division available at $100.00

Phrag. Clover Fields 'Van Delden'
I have one large seedling-sized division available.* It is priced at $20.

Phrag. Cardinale 'Kilworth' AM/AOS
I have a number of BS, established divisions of this clone, in 4 1/2" pots at $50 each.

Phrag. Nitidissimum 'Wilhelmina Laarman' FCC/AOS.*
This plant got it's FCC 5 years ago.* It produces a stunning,
colourful, very long-petalled flower, with top notch form and large size.* I have one spare piece that consists of 2 old growths with 2 new starts well on their way.* This is my only spare piece of this clone.* The mother plant will not be divided again for many years.* It is priced at: $300.00.*

Phrag. Grande 'Coffee'
I have one spare piece of this dark coloured clone.* It's a single NBS-BS growth @ $45.00.

Spathoglottis veillardii 'Sheila' AM/AOS* (aka: Spath. parsonii x Java Beauty') - BS division.* This plant was awarded as the species veillardii; but, it has since been identified as a hybrid.* It grows vigorously and blooms easily for months at a time.* Sent bare root. $75.

Stanhopea wardii - dark yellow.* BS, multi-lead division.* Established in pot.* $50.

Stanhopea wardii - light yellow.* BS.* 2 growth.* Potted. $30.

Stanhopea embreei - BS.* 2+ growth division.* Potted. $30.

Stanhopea panamensis - BS division.* Bare-root.* $30.

Dragon Fruit Plants - A type of epiphytic Cactus.* Large seedlings. Sent bare root. $5 each.

Anthurium - division.* BS.* Mature plants produce giant, red(!), long-lasting blooms.* This clone blooms all year long in the greenhouse.* Great cut flowers!* Potted. $25.

Cactus (Prickly Pear).* Hardy outdoors in Canada.* A true Cactus that produces beautiful blooms and juicy, edible fruits.* Community pots of 5 seedlings each.* $10.
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Why oh why, can't we be all one very nice country with Canadian influence
predominating. I see soooo many plants I'd love to have and I know what
a really good grower you are John. Love to Charlie and Oscar!
Ouch... It hurts to say but I successfully killed a beautiful multi-growth palawanense, as you call it. Mine said philippinense var miniatum, came from Windy Hills... Ugh. I had almost forgotten about it. The petals rivaled the leaf spans! Interesting little variation, no pun intended.
I've had some interest and inquiries in my list. Thanks. BTW: I have no idea why my list is full of asterisks. They just "appeared" when I copied and pasted the list into my post. They mean nothing.
Why oh why, can't we be all one very nice country with Canadian influence
predominating. I see soooo many plants I'd love to have and I know what
a really good grower you are John. Love to Charlie and Oscar!

I agree! That was a drool list for sure...

Do you still have any Phals available John? I'm thinking of adding a couple to the 'grow space' on my desk.
Yes, Wendy. 'Sending you an e-mail. So, you've got a growing area in your new place? Nice! I can't wait to come up and see your new home. So sorry to take so long.
Actually yes....hopefully soon. I meant to update the list about a month ago; but, instead, I've been dealing with health issues and my plants have been lucky to get watered. I'll get back into the groove soon and update the list. There are more plants to add.
Thank you! I had surgery on September 25. Still dealing with the recovery. I was not expecting to feel so rotten for so long! But, I am getting better.....slowly.

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