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Just finished the local show and have purchased legal Paph helanae x2, Paph armeniacum x 5, Paph henryanum x5, Paph micranthum x2, and Paph godfreyi

along with a huge bulbo 4 stanhopeas 2 masdevallias and a giant coel.

Just thought I would share

wow! you bought a lot of plants. I am assuming the show in victoria?
I just googled "Sun Moon" and found a list of paph flasks from taiwan...
here are pics

the one is of the stanhopeas bulbophyllum and coel

one of the paphs

and one of the mictanthum in bloom



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Be careful, most likely those plants have not been precultivated. The owner of Sun Moon was in China couple of weeks ago. Check the roots of the micranthums especially, and cut the flowers emergently.
They may have been at the WOC but the helanae are not deemed legal in your country. Canada issued a CITES import permit for them, as we are legally allowed to own them.

the plants have nice roots and they look like they have been in cultivation for some time, and may have been from flask. they roots had some growing media on them (stuck to them) and it was treefern. so if they were wild collected they have spent enough time at sun moon to grow thick roots and have them attach to the media.