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Good to know that my future pouches won’t be too affected by my low humidity (like yours it’s around 25-30% indoors under lights).

Now I just hope my jackii albums, micranthum albums, armeniacum markiis and malipoense albums just show buds and bloom! That would be a dream come true... sighhhh...
I would have to add that my humidity hits the lowest (25-35) during the sunny days in the winter. A lot has to do with the damn heater that is out of my control. At night it may rise slightly.
On rainy/snowy/overcast days, it is also higher in the 40s and even as high as up in the 70s.
This range maintains throughout the year with the exception of the winter months.
Winter happens to be the heaviest flowering season for my paphs and I rarely have issues with floral defects.

I'm sure your plants will do just fine as long as they are watered well.
You have all the super rare album varieties!! Of those, malipoense and micranthum are my favorites!
Hopefully, we will see those in bloom not too far into the future! :)
I spray every morning so it does go up to 50-80% humidity for a couple hours, then 50-56% for a couple more, then it’s back to 30% the rest of the day. With rain outside, it goes to 55%.

I water 2-3 times a week on most except the resting ones, which gets light watering on second round.

I collect these rare albums slowly, adding 1-2 per year until it’s a little ghost village lol. I also have the henryanum albums, bellatulum albums and the concolor albums which I have not bloom or rebloomed yet. 🤞🤞🤞

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