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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Not my kind of Fumi's Delight, but this is the very first time I have bloomed one so it is special nonetheless! :)
The plant was in bud for the first time in 2018. After a long agonizing wait, it blasted on me. Then, it started to grow three new shoots, two of which are now in bloom/bud. It is busy sending stolons down into the potting mix at the moment. Ha~

I have a sibling plant of this one which is also in double spike but about a month behind. Hopefully better flowers on that one.

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I'm happy with the overall shape. I hope it would be without so much uneven little dents on the surface on the next bloom. The color, I think I can live with, but wish it was darker yellow.

Maybe your wishes will come true with next flowering.....if not.....it isn't a flower on top of the scale but definitely one I also could live with.
When you get rid of it remember who lives nearby! :p
I plan on blooming this one more time before the final decision.
I also need to see other Fumi's Delight I have in bloom and compare.
So, it'll be a while, Eric. Stay tuned just in case. ha~ :p
Less dents on this one?

The second bud had the exact same issue as the first one. Huge dents on both sides of the pouch from early on.
I waited about two three days after the bud started opening up, and then pushed the dent out using a Q-tip which wasn't easy to do because these flaps along the opening of the pouch that fold downward prevented much of the movement needed to get the job done.
But the work did pay off and made a huge difference! :)
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I knew someone might bring the humidity up. I do not think so.
Otherwise, you would not see this happen on plants in the greenhouse with high humidity. 😉
Haha true.

However I do notice sometimes in my Paph species, the dryness sometimes makes it harder for them to open the pouches fully.

But I’m not experienced with many big pouched hybrids, so I ask lol.
But how would you know it’s the humidity? It is a good rationale, but I do not believe low humidity would cause that to happen.

I have bloomed a few micranthum & malipoense, Norito Hasegawa ....with no deformed pouch under 25-35% humidity. So, 🤷🏻‍♂️
I think its a balance of water loss from leave transpiration, root water uptake and flower formation (water needs to fill vacuoles). A higher humidity zone will less likely to impeded on the water needs of the flower if the roots are damage or water loss from leaves exceeds reuptake. I think lol (based on my treatments of skin conditions on my patients, water is key)

A plant biologist might chime in on this simple logic of mine.

I do however know about cattleya flowers that bloom bigger and thicker under higher humidity than in low humidity (with the same cultivar, with exact sized bulbs and root conformation, under greenhouse vs indoors, 65% vs 25% humidity, the greenhouse flower was far superior).
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Again, that rationale itself makes sense.
I’m not arguing against what is obvious.
The question is if the low humidity causes such floral deformity as you say.
I say no because of the observation I already gave. These floral deformities occur to plants grown in high humidity environment. I rarely have issues like this at my very dry growing conditions. That should answer the question quite clearly.
Good to know that my future pouches won’t be too affected by my low humidity (like yours it’s around 25-30% indoors under lights).

Now I just hope my jackii albums, micranthum albums, armeniacum markiis and malipoense albums just show buds and bloom! That would be a dream come true... sighhhh...
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