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Eric Muehlbauer

I usually post a fish photo at least once a year. So far, not this year...its been the worst season I've had in 10 years. In fact, I haven't caught a fish (other than "snappers"- baby bluefish) since early July, and even those fish were pathetic. Until last night............................................Went out to my LI place to do some planting and fishing. Hit the channel an hour before sunset, for not much. Just those snappers, which I released...had to keep one because it was badly hooked. Just after sunset, I decided to liveline the snapper, then give up if I didn't get anything in a few more minutes. Well, something took the bait...and my hook too. That motivated me to try a little longer. Put on a different lure, and immediately caught a 4 lb weakfish. I hate weakfish, but I needed dinner, and fresh weakfish beats an old package of Trader Joe's ravioli any day. So I kept it. Took another few casts,for nothing, and it was now getting dark...time to quit and eat dinner. Just one last cast....half way in, a solid hit. Thought it must be a bluefish around the same size as the weakfish, until it made a run....a long run! I was very pleasantly surprised when I (finally) got it on shore...a striped bass, 32" long and 10.5 lbs! On 10 lb test line! Well, I had my dinner! And tonights dinner too!
Congrats! You just caught and ate the last one of the species... Just kidding! :evil:
It didn't take that long... a few minutes. It didn't even really make a run until I had it half way in. It made a good long run, then I gradually got it in. Striped bass tire fairly easily, unlike bluefish which always seem to get a 2nd (and 3rd, etc) wind when they get near shore. I've caught 4 keeper bass in this spot using the same type of outfit...15 lbs, 17 lbs, 9 lbs, and this. I think the best fight was actually the 9 lb'er I caught last year.
Just a lure...this one was a plastic "bunker" plug that goes deep when I reel it in.