Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

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Nice work on the save, and the spike! Another vote for letting it flower, but only if you’ve sorted the heat issue. The best practice would be to cut but if you address the cultural issues I think it would be fine. A basement w LED lights would do it. The right conditions in my basement make me look like a competent grower, but really cool temps and good water makes it dead easy.

Did not cut the spike...not’s branching! Just opening now....


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Here she is, open and delighting. They really go fast. This is the first time I have ever bloomed a Phragmipedium and I have to say I worked damn hard for it! My own ignorant fault, of course, and thank you for all the encouragement and advice. This is a first-bloom selfing from Tom, purchased — can it be — 4 years ago? Worth every bit of wait.

I would like to ask, has anyone seen besseae flavum with a branching spike? Is this in fact a branching spike? I’m agog.

Those fenestrations too. 😱😍❤️


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I can't quite tell if it is branching or not, but large, well grown besseae will often branch. Yours might be trying, but it is still a bit young.

We often judge a species on its first blooms (lay people, taxonomists, orchid judges) but they aren't always indicative of what a species can do. One of the arguments to split dalessandroi from besseae was that dalessandroi branch and besseae do not. But besseae do, some of them, if they are old enough... I'm sure there are other differences.
Nice one! Great save too. I'm pretty sure it's just the next flower on the spike. The flower is quite large for the size of the plant and has great colour.
Multiple blooms on a single growth is unusual, that is a special plant. What are the parents? IO noticed you have a lot of high end clones. Good luck.
Aww thank you, I don’t know about “high-end clones,” I do tend to splurge carefully. I’m always blown away by what people show in here.

As far as I know, this seedling is a selfing of the original serendipitous yellow besseae originally grown by Popow and then sold to Tom Kalina, who selfed and sold me this seedling. I was wild to get it and it’s been on quite a ride. This summer I will make sure it never gets above 80F.