phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

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  1. B

    Phragmipedium besseae flavum help please

    I got this as a little seedling 2.5 years ago. It grew well for me in bark until about this time last year, when it went down HARD, suddenly, pretty much like this. Lost all leaves. I repotted robust, good roots into LECA and the new growth came quickly and strongly. Last week, a day after...
  2. FRANKY. S

    Looking for Phragmipedium Beasea Flavum Flasks

    Hi , I m Franky from Belgium . I was wondering where to find some Phragmipedium beasea flavum flask for a decent price. Thanx at advance.
  3. B

    Phragmipedium besseae flavum seedling

    Posted this in the Paph forum by mistake last week, thank you all for your patience. So, I got this beautiful P. besseae flavum seedling from Fox Valley Orchids (Hi Tom!) back in February. It seemed happy until just a few weeks ago, when it suddenly took a dive; the original growth developed...