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Just as the title suggests, I think a phal sharing thread is in order. I have recently filled up my only phal shelf, so I can't buy any more for the forseeable future. I grow violacea (sumatra, alba and coerulea), bellina and equestris. I have a few blue phals of different crosses, but none have bloomed yet. I think violacea just edges out equestris as my favorite phal species, so I will post a photo of the violacea v. alba that bloomed for me a while back. I also have a violacea v. mentawai blooming soon so I will post photos then.


So post your favorite or favorites. I wanna see pallens, amboinensis, pulchra or maybe your favorite hybrid. Let's see them!
Favorite species is probably gigantea, and it is the grandparent of all the Harlequin hybrids, so it gets some bonus points too.

My gigantea is still a baby, miniturea if you will, but here's one I look forward to seeing every year at the Columus Show:

And probably my favorite Harlequin hybrid, Phal. Bright Peacock

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Is gigantea pretty stout? Every time I see one, I worry the weight of the plant is going to break the stem.

Definitely one for the greenhouse grower I would think.
Phal bellina is definitely my favorite. violacea would be second. I like celebensis, stuartiana and schilleriana for their leaves.
Phal minus is my favorite, although I don't have one. (well, ok, I might have a seedling somehwere.)

This is a pic of Al's (of Leesburg) plant:

You know, I have never seen that one Ki. I must look up the details. It's not one of the notoriously difficult phals is it?
hey, you may have saved a tub of seedlings by starting this thread. My minus seedling is still intact - albeit in crunchy sphag.... (I got it from Oak Hill, btw.) Al was growing his in a basket with all the other phals - he claimed to treat all his phals the same. It's a mini - the one in that photo was in a 3" basket, if I remember right.
if it weren't for Al's Greenhouse, I wouldn't have any interest in phals...... I think they really do so much better mounted in a greenhouse, I only attempt a few at home. Here are a couple of favorite primaries, also from Al's ;) Clicking should take you to a slightly bigger pic.

Musick Sweetheart which is (honghenensis x gibbosa)

and Dtps. Kenneth Schubert 'Zumita' (violacea x pulcherimma):

Speaking of primaries, he had a stunning equestris x stobartiana.... No pic, so you'll have to imagine it.
my favorite as of the moment would be phal schilleriana. because its the only one i've gotten to bloom so far. I love the folliage and absolutley love the fragrance :drool: .

from pictures. i would have to say phal. violacea alba, and phal javanica, phal. appendicullata.

I don't have an appendicullate though. I've been searching around for one that dont cost too much. I've only found one place that sells and its for $55 i think. thats a no go for me. If anyone sees any on their searches please do tell thanks :)
My favorite species is Phal heiroglyphica. I've always liked Phal Hilo Lip as well. I don't have any phals yet, but I'm sure I'll pick up a few eventually.
About a third of my 'chids are slippers, and about half are Phals.

Heather, a couple of months ago, I finally splurged and got the tetraspis - the one that has white petals and red petals. So far, it looks happy and is putting out a new leaf. The grower said the plants that were more yellow-green bloomed last time around, and I've got one of those.

Keeping my fingers crossed for this beauty - Whitecat8
PHRAG said:
You know, I have never seen that one Ki. I must look up the details. It's not one of the notoriously difficult phals is it?

I guess you missed my post on 8/5/06 for Phal minus and Phal pulchra.:poke:

minus is one of my favorites, but so is gigantea. Maybe its just the extremes??
Actually Rick, I didn't. I have been wanting a pulchra for a while now, and I remember drooling over that one when I saw it. So I only ignored half of the post. :)

Going back to look now.
I'm still kicking myself for not buying a blooming pulchra from Hoosier Orchids at the last Mid America. I'm also a HUGE fan of the tetraspis C#1...I better stop looking at pics of phals, I've got enough money traps growing already.

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A pulchra and tetraspis are on my list to buy from Big Leaf in a week or two. Do it Jon, you know you wanna.

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