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Cyp seedlings for sale

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all right, I'll bite! Post me a message on where to send the money for an order. I'll try my hand at these and if they do well, I'll buy more next year (if you have some).
sorry, man. although i like to travel via different routes (get it? likespaths instead of...) but i think i'm gonna be greedy with these...
NYEric, My favillianums are doing great, can't say as much for the reginae. The favs that I planted are nearly all up and already have leaves, Only 3 of the reginae are doing anything, and those are just tiny sprouts starting up. Let's see what happens over the next few months, and maybe I could trade you a couple of favs for reginae. (Okay, I take that back. I just went out and checked, and there's another reginae surfacing. I guess they just take their own sweet time).
You are having much better luck than me....I only have 2 of the 6 reginae and 0 of the 6 favillianums that came up. :sob: :sob: :sob:
I have 4 of each growing...but the reginaes are definitely smaller than the fav's. The reginaes are in perlite/gravel, while the fav's are in a more traditional soil/perlite/bark mix...Take care, Eric
The score at my house:

Fav's 6
Reg's 1 (and a small one at that!)
Latest score, just in: favs 10, regs 9 (both out of 12), but the favs are MUCH larger than the regs.
No further growth...final tally, 4 fav's, 4 reginaes, out of 6 each. Reginae's about half the size of the fav's. Take care, Eric

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