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Large Phragmepidium seedlings for Sale

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Jan 19, 2020
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As many of you probably know I am a slipper guy! I have raising orchids over 20 years. Over that time I have specialized in slippers and Phrags. in particular. For the last several years I buy flasks from Terry Partin, Chuck Acker and Ecuagenera for my own cultivation Sometimes, I end up with extra seedlings. I usually sell these on ebay. Since, I have become a member and enjoy participating in the forums, I thought I would offer them for sale here first. I charge $8.50 shipping/plant priority express USPS. On multiple plants I would have to quote shipping. I have 72 hour heat paks for 3.50 when ordering plants. I have a Paypal account for easy payment.
Here is a list of what I have at present. _DSC4056.jpg
Phrag. Devil Fire (Grande X humboldti) 2x2x3 = $30.00_DSC4032.jpg
Phrag. Devil Fire (Grande X humboldti) 3x3x4 = $40.00_DSC4029.jpg
mexipediun xerophyticum 3x3x3 =$50.00_DSC4036.jpg
mexipedium xerophyticum, multiplant(4) 3x3x3 =$65.00_DSC4038.jpg
Phrag. Faust's Elegance (longifolium X andreettae) 2x2x3 =$30.00_DSC4040.jpg
Phrag. Leslie Garay (caudatum X longifolium) 2x2x3 = $35.00_DSC4042.jpg
Phrag. Giganteum (caudatum X Grange) 2x2x3 = $30.00_DSC4044.jpg
Phrag. Giganteum (caudatum X Grande) 3x3x4 = $40.00_DSC4054.jpg
Phrag. Les Varines (kovachii X sargentianum) 2x2x3 = $50.00_DSC4050.jpg
Phrag. Incan Treasure (kovachii X longifolium) 2x2x3 =$40.00_DSC4056.jpg