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FIRE SALE! - 20+ Phrags and 20+ Paphs for sale (UK only).

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It's a learning curve...
Aug 23, 2015
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Bourne, Lincolnshire, UK
** Updated with current reservations. **

Hello everyone,

With a slightly heavy-heart, I've decided to 'get out' of Orchid growing at least for the foreseeable future. I grow under lights in a spare bedroom in the house but due to time constraints, needing to re-appropriate the room for other uses, etc. I have to move my collection on to pastures new...

Some of the plants are a bit ropey here and there but all have good roots and are currently putting out new growths so should be no problem with a little TLC, others are very good/strong with multiple growths and/or blooms.

I'm keeping a couple of plants back to cover a longstanding debt with another ST member but the rest are all available:

*E Phrag. Ainsworthii
Phrag. Eric Young (or possibly mis-labled and really Phrag. St. Peter)
Phrag. Memoria Dick Clements
Phrag. Cape Bonanza x3
*T Phrag. besseae (‘Colossal x ‘Bleeding Heart’)
*C Phrag. besseae (’Smokin’ x ‘Colossal’)
*C *T Phrag. besseae fma. flavum x2
Phrag. Hanne Popow
*C Phrag. Cardinale (schlimii x Sedenii)
*T Phrag. schlimii x kovachii
*C Phrag. Jason Fischer
Phrag. Elizabeth Castle
Phrag. Andean Fire
Phrag. Sedenii x2
*T Phrag. St. Ouen x2 (1 reserved, 1 available)
Phrag. Fritz Schomburg
*C Phrag. Pink Panther

*DZ Paph. leucochilum x2
*DZ Paph. godefroyae
*DZ Paph. bellatulum x2
Paph. appletonianum
Paph. appletonianum var. hainanense
Paph. villosum
*DZ Paph. insigne var. sanderae
Paph. helenae
*T Paph. thaianum x2
Paph. niveum
*C Paph. niveum fma. alba x2 (1 reserved, 1 available)
Paph. concolor
*C Paph. vietnamense

*T Paph. St. Swithin
*DZ Paph. philippenense var. roebelenii
*C Paph. Susan Booth


Pricing: I've given this a lot of thought and to be fair to everyone, me and especially the plants, everything is £20 each no matter what size or condition.

** In order to prevent people from cherry picking the best plants and leaving me with the less-than-stellar ones which would probably just get binned, I've labelled them up with red and yellow labels. If you take a yellow-ticket plant, you must also take red-ticket one. So yes, you may be paying £20 for a Phrag. Andean Fire which has seen better days/will shine again given time and TLC but along with it you can also walk away with a Paph. St Swithin which is nearly 3 feet across and cost me £60 at Malvern earlier this year.

These are for collection only as I don't want to get involved with trying to package them up and send them (especially this time of year as it's so cold).

If anyone is interested in trying them or expanding on what they already have, I also have 5 Nepenthes pitcher plants available, also priced at £20 each. Pretty good at keeping insects down in your growing area.

Nep. fusca
Nep. sanguinea
Nep. ventricosa x glandulifera
Nep. singalana x burkei
Nep. spatulata x singalana

I live in Bourne, Lincolnshire (PE10) Please PM me with contact details if you're interested and we'll arrange a suitable time/date, etc.

Thanks, Gary.
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Sorry to hear, hopefully it's temporary. If possible the Ainsworthii and a besseae would be good in NYC. :)

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Sad to hear. Quite a few on that list I would like but I'm without a car. Good luck with the sale.

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