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Cyp seedlings for sale

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Ron will reply. He may not check his email regularly, or maybe he's bogged down with it, but regardless, he will reply...it took a few days, but he did get back to me. Take care, Eric
Hi, guys,

Let me know if you still havent heard from me!

I was out for two days last week traveling but I have answered all the messages that I had in the inbox on Friday. Replies to two folks kept bouncing back but ultimately I used my AOL account and they both went (at least I didnt get bouncebacks and one subsequently replied back).

If you have not heard from me, try my aol account - [email protected] .

The response has been overwhelming but I can still put some seedlings together. I sent 24 packs out this morning; I will send more out later in the week.


I got mine the other day and have them all potted up. I put both of them in a 2:1 ration mix of 2 parts perlite:1 part small gravel as mentioned in the document sent. After I did all my research it seems to me almost any fast draining mix will work as long as you do not let them dry out and they do not stay soggy wet.

My real question is during the winter. I plan on moving them into either my unheated garage or unheated coal room. Do you water them before doing this and then just let them sit for the entire winter without any water at all or do you try to keep them moist the whole time as well?
I got mine too, thanx. I couldn't get gravel when they arrived, too late, so I potted some in potting soil/Kelly's Korner mix [coconut chips,diatomite,charcoal,perlite] and Perlite. The next day I potted the rest in the mix above w/ gravel added. I put a sprinkle of a potting mix w/ manure and leaf mulch in each. I like to put organic material in my mixes. Let's see what happens - this was an opportunity not to be missed.
Tom_in_PA said:
My real question is during the winter. I plan on moving them into either my unheated garage or unheated coal room. Do you water them before doing this and then just let them sit for the entire winter without any water at all or do you try to keep them moist the whole time as well?

Hi, Tom,

On the day I put the pots away for the winter I water heavily, then allow the pot to drain for 3 or 4 hours. I then put each pot into a plastic bad and seal it. This will last you through the winter. Beginning in late January I do check adults plants every couple of weeks to make sure they have not broken dormancy. I have found that seedlings only very rarely break dormancy so they should not be a problem.

Good luck!

I am not sure if I am jumping the gun or not but I only have one plant out of the 12 growing. How long does it actually take them to break dormancy and start growing? I have not let them dry out at all either. Please tell me I just am not being patient enough..PLEASE!
I looked at mine and also only one is sending up a green leaf. I got curious and dug up a couple. One looked too dry and the other was okay. Patience Grasshopper!
Whoohoo! I checked this AM and another is sending up leaves. The plants in the mix w/ organic media added appear to be doing better than those w/ perlite and gravel.
So far I have 3 of each growing...but the favillianum are growing earlier and faster...the reginae's are still just poking up, while the fav's have real leaves. Take care, Eric
2 of my 6 Cyp. reginae have leaf growth (1/2 - 3/4 inch) the other 4 have green shoots. Im wondering/worried about the Favillianum. Nothing happening there at all. Time will tell.
I only see 2 Favillianum growing and nothing so far with the reginae... still keeping my fingerrs crossed!
By the way, I potted my fav's in a mix of soil, bark, perlite, oyster shell...more or less the formula recommended by Carson whitlow. The reginae's are in a mix of 50:50 perlite and gravel.....Take care, Eric
I had started a new thread before realizing that people were comparing notes on the cyps here (Thanks, Tom!). Mine are planted in a mix of gravel, perlite and a little coco peat. So far I have 7 favillianums with the start of green leaves. The reginae are much slower. Today I finally saw two tiny reginae shoots starting to peek up.

In my climate (zone 8), I wonder if it would be best to leave the pots outside during the winter to get them as cold as possible. We certainly don't have 3 continuous months of sub-freezing weather, but there are times when it goes below freezing. How cold do the cyps have to be to stay dormant?
Baby photo

Cyp progress [almost proof]
Cyp problem

OK, I lost my patience. The Cyp Favollianum seedlings weren't showing any progress so I dug them up. Except for 3/12 they all were burned up or missing from the bud, i.e. roots only. the remains had thet funky erwinia smell! So I repotted the remainder and watered w/ a solution containing R.O. water, Gonewild Dragon's Blood and Physan. the photo is the remains in Physan. Advice for next time: wash in anti-fungal solution before planting.
my cyps are doing pretty well. lost six reginae to rot and some favillianum too...
the rest are doing pretty well. (i'm trying to grow some for some friends who got them too....)

this one is still pretty darn small

just starting up

movin' along...

more tiny ones...

the biggest ones so far
I am at 6 Fav and 1 Reg (finally!) - A couple of the Fav's look like actual plants already.

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