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It all makes sense, once you learn that Grand Moff Tarkin used to run Haliburton.
I think the point of the conspiracy theories is that we have been lied to so many times that how do we know what is true and what is false?
9/11 was the best excuse possible for pushing the neocon agenda, and I might be jaded but some of it does have a smell. I'm more stumped by the "plane" that hit the Pentagon since there is no video showing a plane, the hole in the building wasn't large enough, and there were no a/c engines of the appropriate specifications left at the site. It appears to be a missile more than a plane.
Wow, thanks for turning this thread from a playful joke about Star Wars, to something else entirely.
I suppose I should have used this link instead:

It kinda spells it out...

I think the Death Star design team might have been the ones that sold the plans in the first place. They designed the first one with a flaw so that someone could send a single missile straight to the center that would cause the whole thing to blow up. Why? So they would get paid to design a second Death Star!
They designed the second one without the exhaust port flaw, but they made a maze big enough for fighters and a cargo ship to fly through? Come on now... Do we design nuclear submarines with passages big enough for F-14s to fly around inside?
PHRAG said:
It all makes sense, once you learn that Grand Moff Tarkin used to run Haliburton.
That statement is so funny:clap: I am on the floor after reading it:rollhappy:
Somewhere deep inside the first Death Star, sat a designer. He was tired of people constantly moving his desk, stealing his stapler, and saying he had a case of "the Monday's."

So finally, after one TPS report memo too many, he decided to burn down the building...err, space station.

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