coelogyne ovalis alba

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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
finally, some close-ups of this species... can anybody tell me whether it really is coel ovalis alba? or fimbriata alba? thanks...


The colour on my moniter is a little off. Your flower looks slightly greenish on it. Is your flower genuinely white or at least without pigment? Coel. finbriata/ovalis and similar species are the subject of much disagreement among taxonomists. Some are super lumpers (Gravendeel) and say everything is the highly variable fimbriata, others are super splitters while folks like Dudley Clayton are sort of in the middle.

I have never heard of coel ovalis alba. I've seen Coel fimbriata alba for sale and it looked virtually identical to yours. I've never seen an alba description published for either ovalis or fimbriata. In my collection I have a Coel that was tagged "fimbriata-type yellow". It turned out to be Coel. primulinum as it was described in ...I think it was 2002. It is essentially a concolour yellow fimbriata. Clayton doesn't recognize it, lumps it in as a fimbriata, not even a variety. I don't know what Gravendeel does with primulinum. Have you found descriptions of fimbriata or ovalis alba? If so can you share them as I'd be quite interested.
kmarch, the 1st pic is a flower on its last day (before it fades) so its a bit yellowish. the 2nd pic is a newly-opened flower. it is yellowish-green and looks very very similar to the normal type fimbriata/ovalis, except without the black markings on the lip... i have googled its name, but only 'ovalis alba' returned results.... only pics, though.. no description so far...

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