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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
Letting you all know that the Central NY Orchid Society is having it's annual Fall Show and Sale at the Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville, NY the first weekend of October (oct 2-3rd). Club website show page is at .

Beaver Lake Nature Center is one of Onondaga Counties parks and has many visitors year-round to the bog/woods trails and for bird watchers and hiking enthusiasts. Check out the show web page for more details, though I know how much you all like to buy things... one of our vendors is Joe Kunisch of Bloomfield Orchids who has grown all of those interesting paphs and phrags over the years; Marlow Orchids who also vends also grows many paphs and phrags plus other very interesting genera. If you like very unusual gesneriads, JustPat Orchids has many of them available for sale in addition to a wide selection of orchids. (plus other vendors and pictures/displays...)

check this link for pictures from previous shows

just an added note that we will have judges from both the montreal and northeastern ny judging centers attending/judging our humble show, and they always find something interesting to add to the list of awarded flowers and plants (plus they are all just stand-up all around nice people); though, when I have my photo gear suitable for taking awards pics of very small plants, they award a chm to a giant oncidium hybrid, or a pleuro when I have the light bouncing umbrella! :rollhappy:

hope to see you there!

aos awards photographer, judges coordinator, general flunky
I wish we could make this. You sweetened the event with the birding possibilities. 4.5 hrs is closer than something else we are looking at.
Next year.
I wish we could make this. You sweetened the event with the birding possibilities. 4.5 hrs is closer than something else we are looking at.
Next year.

central ny, especially the area around cortland and the finger lakes, is a huuuge area for birds, sanctuaries and birding opportunities. actually around cortland and ithaca there are a ton of bird sanctuaries, and where most of these are, there are native orchids. the soil that makes it possible for unusual plants/trees to be around makes it possible for the unusual birds to be around. ... and the unusual soil is usually calcareous, which means there will be unusual native orchids growing in it! so,.. sometimes hearing certain bird calls could tip you off that there might be orchids in the area!

if anyone decides to make the trip in hopes of finding certain paphs and phrags from vendors, it helps a ton to check with the vendor first and pre-purchase, as sometimes Joe K. will bring more non-slippers (like phal hybrids and things like that) as that is what the general public buys more (but not to orchid club members who are looking for the 'interesting' things) though he usually does bring some slippers; just not nearly as many as you would expect from a famous slipper grower

also in geneva not too far away is the montezuma wildlife refuge which is a huge migratory landing pad, and there are predatory birds there as well