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Last week I repotted my charlesworthii ('Half & Half' x 'Hidden Surprise'). The parent plants were both alba carriers, hense their names.

I got 25 total plants from the compot. There were three maybe four (as far as I can tell by Sam's instructions) albas in there. One seedling was found without roots and is in intensive care to see if I can get some to pop out. I dipped the nub in rooting hormone and am trying to keep it in a higher humidity.

Here are some pics:

First is the compot, second the resulting repot, third is a closeup of the difference between normal and alba charlesworthii. Normal charles have the typical spotting and the albas do not.


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I certainly hope the ICU plant makes it because it is one that I think may be an alba plant.

Keep me in mind in a few months when you are ready and maybe we can work out something to each of our benefit!!! :)

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