Central Ohio Orchid Society 2007 Show

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A few of the paphs...

The only Awarded Paph of the day...

An HCC of 77 - Paph Masupi x hainenensis

Others from the show. Let me know if you need/want names.





I was at the show too, they had some really nice plants for sale. One vendor from the Carolinas even had a couple of roths blooming for 75$ each, which I thought was a good deal, and I saw a sanderianum seedling (tiny leaf span of about 3 or 4 inches) for 25$ ....I am not ready for the bigger guys due to restrictions in growing room, but it goes to show you can find some nice things at the shows.
Great pics and excellent for all posters putting show pics in for all to see.
A question though, is the first pic the Awarded plant??? If so, and coming from a different judging system, could someone please explain how that flower could be awarded and on what criteria. The reason I ask is that this type of bloom is commonly used as a pot plant, not show bench.
Darin & Ohio-guy,

I was there too. Stopped by on my way to Norfolk VA. Why didn't you say hi, or do I just not realize who you are???

I ribbon judged the Paphs and take full credit for pulling the (Masupi x hainanense) for judging. It was really striking with its perfectly upright dorsal and well-held petals. Very nice form from hainanense and great color from Masupi.

Ernie - I did see you, just didnt realize who you were. I was on the team judging Phals - Did a lot of shopping for Paphs afterwards and asked you if you knew anything about thaianum.
Ah yes! My response was something like "a tiny niveum". :) Or was it a stronger adjective like "miniscule" or "miserable"? There was some discussion here late last year about that taxon. Some were available on eBay then I recall. It isn't something I see myself owning. But "species nuts" would surely need one. :) Got myself one of the bellatulum crosses from the same table.