cattleya schroederae

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Dec 16, 2009
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Last winter was a tragedy for me- for my catts- here, there was no light just fog, we could not see the sun for 3 months. I tried to give them arteficial light but this is not enough for catts during such weather. Many of my plant weakened, this one, too, produced 4 flowers but flower quality is far from its genetical possibilities. Last year its flowers were much better, flower were just if someone had painted them with a drawing compass.


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Despite your weather conditions, which I didn't really expect for eastern part of Hungary, these flowers are quite nice but the colouration differs this time from what you would expect for C. schroederae.
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Yes, David. If i remember well- excuse me if I don t- you live in German.Your catts look very good. What do you do with them in winter????
Last winter was a tragedy.... there was no light just fog, we could not see the sun for 3 months.
Might it have been the smog from the Russian bombardements in Ukraine, that hid the Hungarian sun (like the effects seen on European airtraffic under and after the eruption of a vulcano in Iceland)?
If so, I would tend to find the "tragedy" somewhat overseeable at least in comparison to the Ukrainians, who might have lost their lives, a loved one, or maybe a limb or their mobility as such, as well as having seen their homes rendered into rubbles!
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