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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
C. aclandiae x C. luteola

This is one of my favorite Cattleya primary hybrids! It's small growing, seems to be easy to grow and bloom, and it's fragrant!

Per usual, my photography skills are terrible and my phone camera leaves a lot to be desired so these pictures don't do it justice.

The scent is variable and a bit strange. Overall, I would describe it as smelling like "Ivory" brand soap, 99.44% pure. It's strongest early in the day, and by evening the flowers are more or less non-fragrant.

Both luteola and aclandiae are small growing Catts, and among my favorite species. I grow this one indoors during the colder parts of the year and under LED lights. From spring through fall, it goes outside to enjoy fresh air and natural sunlight. It's been surprisingly easy to grow and bloom considering that both parent species have been semi-challenging for me in my conditions.


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I have some news for you, and it is good news. Most Cattleya growers struggle trying to grow those 2 species. So I guess that you fit right in with the rest of us!!!
I have more "notches of my watering wand" for killing aclandiae and schilleriana. They just do not want to grow. I am a "Regional Killer" as well!!! I killed them in New York, I killed them in Florida and they are not doing particularly well here in Michigan. It is if they arrive, look pretty for a few months then HOLD THEIR BREATH, and die. But do I let that stop me? No way.
The jury is still out though on Cattleya luteola. I found a very nice looking specimen on e-bay recently and we are still in the "looking pretty stage".
🥰 🤣