Cattleya lueddemanniana aquini labio solido x self

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
Quite a mouthful of a description for a smallish plant flowering for the first time for me.
This arrived four years ago as a small freebie in a consignment of catts from Germany. It’s taken that long given the vagaries of my culture to produce a FS growth. It could be a seedling flowering for the first time ever.
So given that the plant is nowhere near mature, I am very impressed by the bloom. The growth is about six inches (15cm) tall and only a bit thicker than a pencil. The bloom is already 6.5 inches (16cm) across. It dwarfs the plant.
Plenty of evidence of the ‘labio solido’ but none of the aquini, but as we all know, that may appear given more time and a more mature plant. If that happens, it could be quite special, similar to the famous cultivar Centellas.
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Well done to coax to bloom.

As this is a selfing, the aquinii does not always passed through. But as you mentioned, it can show up on a stronger plant. Fingers crossed.

But even without it, the flower has a very nice solid red lip and really good full shape that Centellas does not.
Thanks Leslie, it would be great to see the parent to compare. This one doesn’t have the dark lip tube of centellas, but I love the contrast between the pale pink petals and dark lip and as you say, the flower already has good form.
Knowing the vendor, it would have been an import from Venezuela at some point. I’ll send a photo to him and ask about the origins of this cross.
Beautiful, stunning lip! I have yet to bloom any of my lueddemanniana, congrats!!
Hello David, very nice tipo form, excellent form , lip and colours.But i think it is obviously not what you expected.Can I ask about source? I have a same labelled plant, not flowered yet.Mine is from Stauss.
It looks like we all have plants from the same source, Max Strauss.
Mine took four years to flower but that maybe more to do with my culture.
I agree that it doesn’t look much like the photo on his web site apart from the dark lip. However I am very pleased with this plant. There is time yet for the brush strokes to appear, on future blooming.
without seeing the parent plant of this selfing it’s difficult to know if it’s correct. It could be. The photo may be another seedling from the selfing. Leslie tells us that aquinada traits are often not passed down to progeny, even in a selfing.
The lip on this one doesn't do anything for me but it is still pretty interesting whenever a small plant flowers and the prepositions are just 😂

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