Cattleya lueddemanniana aquinii labio solido x self

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Aquini is something akin to flammea or pincelada. I’m not sure exactly how it differs from these. Leslie will know.
The photo of the parent shows a red line down half the central vein of each petal.
Labio solido just means a solid red lip.
Aquini is something akin to flammea or pincelada. I’m not sure exactly how it differs from these.....
Aquinii means both petals are the same way shaped and/or coloured as the lip .... therefore you flower can't be aquinii, David .... but it is a lovely flower anyway.
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Gorgeous, love the contrast of that dark lip and the light pink petals. Must smell amazing too! Looks like there are some flecks of darker pigment at the tips of the petals, maybe cooler temps during bud development would help bring out more flammea type markings. My understanding is those kinds of markings can be quite variable depending on culture.
Indeed NE slipper, there are some darker spots on the outside of the tips of the sepals. We live in hope. I did let the flower to develop in the grow room and the days at the moment are around 24-25c. Maybe next time I’ll take it out and put it in the living room where the temps are a bit lower.
The scent on this clone is not as intense as on sarita. That clone scents the whole area round it during the day.
The term aquinii originated to describe the peloric flamea or markings of Cattleya intermedia.

Somehow a looser translation was applied to mini flares on petal tips on some of the unifoliate species (as in this case) esp to mossiae. These are mostly trade or horticultural terms. The best correct term is pincelada for the large unifoliates.