Cattleya labiata, just my thoughts.

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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As a result of what seems some interest in cattleya species I am just passing on a few thoughts. Orchid shows seem to be full of cattleya hybrids some wonderful, others not so much, with a significant absence of quality species. In part possibly due to the higher cost of these plants, perhaps their cultural demands, but also possibly because of the lack of availability. So in assisting Dr.Leslie Ee to grow some of his plants, I have gained some experience from him in this regard. I have also learned that due to my intermediate conditions, (Canada Eh.) I can not grow all cattleyas well and some not at all. Hopefully Leslie will be a part of the solution regarding the dearth of quality species. Regarding labiata, I grow small plants on bench with light assist, more necessary in the winter, but seasonally adjusted. Larger plants are suspended from the east facing greenhouse roof subjected to natural light only. In winter I try to maintain a minimum temp. over 15c/60f. High temp this summer was94f/35c, which brought about some bud blast. In the suspended hanging pots, I use the hanger and coated garden wire to support and arrange the growths to have the foliage efficiently spaced so that on blooming, developing buds can present themselves well. If being shown at flowering, I remove the hanging pot, and arrange as pleasing as possible. Plants shown below are mature and all have multiple pseudobulbs in bud. Cattleya labiata and some of it's primary hybrids fill an important fall season gap in the cattleya calendar.


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Thank you, David. When you use additional light in the winter, what day length do you choose? In the winter when you keep your minimum temp to 15C/60F what maximum temp are you getting? Could you tell your potting medium for most Cattleyas and how you water and feed, please?
I have used my phrags as indicator canary's .when they need do my labiata and l. lobata. they are in the same south window.

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