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5 flowers is a lot for kerrii. Nice clone and well grown. Bravo.

For those curious, kerrii is an unusual, small (6-8" high) "bifoliate" cattleya that almost always only has one leaf. Found in a small area of coastal brazil, intermediate to warm. Likes high humidity and to be well watered in growth.
Thanks my Friends.This new growth has 23 cm tall bulb+ 13 cm long leaf.I attached pic about flower with my palm.All my catts are growing like the weed since I modified my fertilizing way.I use only foliar feeding, all water plants get is from the shower, i never used direct watering for a half year.Every mornings I use only shower with 1200 uS fertilizer( peters excel calmag for RO water), my plant to change it to Agroleaf total( less N but higher Ca).I sent a pic about my dowiana with 5 buds on spike.


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