catt. dormanniana

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Nice! In the genetic lottery I’m not surprised with this outcome. The two colour forms have wild type genes at the sites of the mutations that produce the other colour form. I would be surprised if the whole grex came out like this.
Oh my, that is a striking little flower!!!

I find that species to be so vegetatively limiting. Limiting in that they all look alike to me. Come to think of it, most Cattleyas do! Could this just be a mix up or error by the vendor since out of bloom as seedlings, can’t they be mixed up easily?
Regardless, wonderful blooming of a very pretty flower. “Good things DO come in small packages!!!” 🎉
Not all that surprising. Coerulea is due to changes in the pH of vacuoles that hold the pigments so they are more bluish than purple and semi alba is unable to make the pigments in the petals. The cross will be able to both make pigment (from the coerulea side) and have the normal vacuole pH (from the semi alba). I'd be surprised if any of this cross didn't come out wild type. A self or sib cross could be all sorts of things.