Blooming season has arrived!

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Eric Muehlbauer

Finally the winter blooming season has arrived...and I finally have a nice display of plants on my shelf....
The paphs include my insignes and a complex, Spotglen x Doodlebug...phrags include Mem Dick Clements and a besseae (thanks Lien!)......Belle Hogue Point just dropped its last bloom yesterday...Take care, Eric
Oops! Sorry...I had resized the image, but I guess it didn't take....Eric
Thanks! The cactus is just a perennially ignored Rhipsalis...that curtain rod is a convenient place to hang it. Oh...and I made a mistake- the complex paph is Spotglen x Duncan York...............Take care, Eric
should be more on the way...I have some complex in bud, along with bellatulum, spicerianum, charlesworthii, argus...........
Beautiful show Eric! Nice when you have a bunch blooming at once. Good job!
Nice collection you have there. That vanda is huge. Any idea how old it is?
Or who it is?
The vanda is Kultana Blue. I got it as a tiny seedling, a freebie in a paph order I made about 6-7 years ago or so. This is its 3rd or 4rth bloom for me. It blooms pretty regularly at this time of year. Take care, Eric

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