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Aug 25, 2014
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Tampa, Florida
Hi, This is DeafOrchidLover. How are you? I am doing good. I am so thrilled to join this slippertalk forum. So much to learn, Yippie! I love Paphiodeliums, warm-type mottled leaf, they're sooo beautiful. One of my friend mentioned that orchids are so sensitive. I agree.
My mom gave me big white moth flower phalaenopsis on May 10, a day early as Mother's Day gift. I was stunned and very nervous. My fear was not be able to keep it alive. (I bought couple phalaenopsis more than 11 years ago. It was in moss. I wasn't really that educated about orchid during that time. My sister brought a whole bunches, and didn't live, either.) Good news is that my first phalaenopsis that my mom gave me, is very alive and looks healthy. Whew!!! Of course, I went researching and learning as much as I can like daily. I have other two phalaenopsis, too.
I have Paphiodelium maudrie red, as it's my first Paph since July 5th. It's bud opening very slowly and looks very healthy except there are spider mites, grrr! (I'm using Neem oil.) I just hope that darn spider it's not killing the bud. My mom sent me a picture of her Paphiodelium and I fell in love, that's what lead to me to have one. Why is it bud takes a long time to open up as fully-bloom? We had some horrible heat wave earlier in the week. Hmmm, scratching my head... They're in front porch with screen outside, right now.
I'm very nervous about this winter, I am hoping to keep it alive, I believe I will. I was tramuized that I had two beautiful phalaenopsis that died, it's in my head. I guess it will take me some time to release that thought I have in mind.
Sick of spider mites. I do see the web. I only have Neem oil. Yes, I am aware it does attack bud, spikes, new leaf, n around the roots. Is it true there is some success if use alcohol along with it, Of course with original blue dawn? Learned that micide stuff are expensive, yikes! Any advices? Homemade spider mites remedies, anything?They're not so bad, not like invasive but do see webs around them... Any quick advice please? Should I get horticultural oil? Or avid micide ? Help! I've noticed lot of people recommended horticultural oil... I've had thoughts of buying one ounce of avid micide but prefer to hear from any of ya so I will look forward to hear from. :)
Any opinions, advices, pro/cons about LECA pebbles. I have bark, mix(lit moss, charcoal, coconut shaving, ya know what I meant, heh) , both are in moss. Yes my paph is in moss, very healthy... I've given myself thoughts about it. Should I or not?
Speaking of me as DeafOrchidLover. Yes I am deaf, do talk very well and known America sign languages. I grow up in hearing world. :)
Here are the pictures! ( only could add one pic, sighing... Looks like I have some learning to do, wanna add more than few pictures I just couldn't. Waahhhh! Oh well!
Hi, again!
How can I add pictures? Do I have to use ImageShack? It's new to me... I really do want to show my orchid babies. Oh well! Off to get some beauty sleep, good night!
Welcome from NYC. Yes, you should use a 2nd party host site to post photos hear. Except for as few videos, you dont need to a hearing person here. Someone here will have advice about miticides but I'm sure it will feature heavy use of strong toxic chemicals! :eek:
Welcome to Slippertalk!

For spider mites, I use a product called SucraShield that is available from First Ray's Orchids. Very effective and it is not a harsh chemical.
Thank you all very much.. I feel so welcome... Hi and of course waving and smiling at ya all... I've been so busy and haven't been in this forum. I am dealing with two wild ADHD-Bipolar teenagers son. I do have free time while they're in school and night times. Ofc dealing with my orchid babies. I will work on the picture issues.

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Those are three phalaenopsis, you can see those flowers, they need to repotting, though. I'm gonna use bark, moss and red lava. Enjoy!!! There is other pic which was taken more than a week n half ago. Finger crossed to get this picture though... If it works, I'm filled with happy joy!!!

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