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Mar 19, 2024
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This is Nevin Aspinwall in Ocean Shores. I started propagating temperate zone terrestrial orchids in 2005. I mostly propagate US Cypripediums and Asian Calanthes and European Dactylorhiza. About 10 years ago I developed a website where I offered seedlings and adult plants to the public (Cypripediumorchids.com). However, this year I am taking a break in offering plants for personal reasons ( teaching reading to first grade students). On the website is a section on how to propagate your own Cyps or other orchids using recipes from William Steele and Malmgren and Nystrom. There is also a section on the website on how to build a bog and what orchids would likely succeed in your newly constructed bog. Last year for the first time I offered seeds for sale. I started propagating Cyps in St. Louis around 2005 but moved to Ocean Shores on the Pacific Coast in 2013. The climates couldn't be more different (hot as hell St. Louis in the Summer to very cool summers (typical high 10 C) in Ocean Shores. I found that different species like different climates. The one species that does well in both places has been Cyp. kentuckiense. The one Cyp that does very well in Ocean Shores is the Taiwan Ladyslipper, Cyp. formosanum.Cyp formosanum.jpg
I started off with importing 25 plants from Shikoku Gardens in Japan about 4 years ago. I sold about one-half of them. The rest of them have spread by division of rhizomes so that this year I counted 170 stems. I have hand pollinated about 75 of the flowers for a research project. The other species that has done very well in this climate is the stream orchid Epipactis both the green leafed form and the purple leafed form serpentine night. Looking forward to interacting with other members of slippertalk. I have germinated the seed sent to me by others with the idea of returning many seedlings to them. I am open to orchid lovers who would like to tour my two shade houses. Sincerely, Nevin Aspinwall ([email protected])
Hello Nevin and a warm welcome to ST from Germany. Your C. formosanum look fine ... you numbered them for which reason ? Maybe for breeding selection ?
I believe Ron is in Seabeck (he is occasionally on ST).

Killies? Sorry to hear of the passing of Rosario Lacorte
http://www.killifishofwestafrica.co.uk/Code_Library/HAH98.htm I'm making the big assumption this is the same Nevin Aspinwall.

I had a brief opportunity to converse with Rosario last November and it felt like such an honor -- the highlight of the evening -- even though I was the invited speaker. He was a fount of knowledge and wisdom. It is a great loss for the hobby but a greater tragedy for his good friends -- and it seems he couldn't help himself from making a good friend.
Sorry to hear of the passing of Rosario. Many years ago he sent me a couple of pairs of Fundulopanchax malende which I propagated and distributed to the hobby. This was a neat killie. When I was on sabbatical at the University of Buea in Cameroon I searched for the type locality of this species which was real close to the University. Turns out the type locality was now a banana plantation. Oh Well. It's not too unusual that people who like killies also like orchids-- both have beautiful colors. Nevin
Hello Nevin and a warm welcome to ST from Germany. Your C. formosanum look fine ... you numbered them for which reason ? Maybe for breeding selection ?
I numbered them to keep track of the seed/embryo development. According to the literature 90 days is the best time to harvest the seed for green pod culture. I have germinated mature seed of formosanum but the results were not great. Going to try green pod culture. I'm hoping what I learn from formosanum I can use to propagate immature seed of the closely related japonicum. Japonicum is somewhat a fickle species for me compared to formosanum. Sincerely, Nevin
Welcome from SE Missouri Nevin!

I talked with you a few years ago right after you moved to Ocean Shores. I had your website wrong so it’s great to know another Cyp source. All the best!


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