Better /Bigger Growers in Florida?

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I've been to Pine Ridge, real I am also interested in broading my search for slippers in the state of Florida. Nice places, something that has stock and are good growers.

I've gone to a few growers only to find nothing really, not worth the trip in any way.
Soooo....I thought I'd ask here.
Yep, I did go to the WOC it was great.

I am looking for all slipper type orchids and pretty much all orchids but mostly the phaphs.

I'm in the SW part of Fla. Don't mind do some travel providing it's worth the trip.
I would highly recommend going to Krull-Smith. His plants at the WOC were basically paphs on steroids, but were not colchicine treated. I spent a good 30 minutes talking with him the first day I was there and talked to others who knew what he did to get his plants to grow the way they did. It's a combination of growing technique and genes. He had 4 times the awards on his plants then the next closest person, including a Michael Koopowitz that received show Grand Champion and an FCC with petals that were 67 cm in length.

His plants are expensive, but you get what you pay for. I told him I was proud to have a lowii with 5 spikes, but then I saw his lowii, so never mind about mine.
Why didn't you buy a bunch of paphs at the WOC, Kat? I guess I don't understand why you didn't get them at the show??
I did buy a bunch at the WOC.
I'm looking for more. Would like to seethem in person before ordering.
I would say Krull Smith also..slippers are not a big commodity in FL.,there is a great article on Frank Smith /Krull -Smith in Jan 08 ,AOS Orchids magazine. I have been to vendors all over FL. and did not see any or very few slippers other than Pine Ridge which has a pretty good selection.

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