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Sep 26, 2014
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Olean, NY
Hi everyone,

I am a longtime orchid grower who has finally seen the light and finding my plant collection is gradually turning into all Paphiopedilums!

I started growing orchids in Buffalo, New York, before coming to South Florida for school and worked for a while for Fennell Orchid Company (Orchid Jungle) in Homestead, and as an intern at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. I am a computer guy now for a university and I hope to return to Buffalo someday and have a nice small greenhouse.

I think Paphs are just the best. I'm only sorry I've taken so long to realize how awesome they are. I think I always assumed they were cool growing, and like masdevallias, something that would just wither and die in Florida's hot miserable nights. How wrong I was.

Also there just weren't many around. Maybe because they don't clone and I hit the orchid world when mericloning took off. I will skip explaining point for point why paphs are the best, as I think I'd just be preaching to the choir here!

I am anxious to try to grow some paphs from seed. I have had luck with Epidendrum and Dendrobium seeds in my "kitchen lab", now I want to try some real orchids!

I also grow caudiciform pelargoniums and some weird gesneriads.

I'll apologize in advance that I don't post a lot. There's not much I know that others haven't said better. But thanks to everyone who shares their experience. There are people like me who get a lot out of your posts!

Thanks for having me! --rob
For some reason the "Quote" function is not working. Why would you move from Florida to Buffalo, except to ice-skate? :p Welcome from NYC.
Welcome, Rob! Lots of people can address your "slippers from seeds" issue. I can only tell you your slipper interest will become an addiction through this forum. :evil:
howdy from Boston

i heard somewhere years ago that if slippers (Paphs, Phrags, Cyps) were discovered today, they probably wouldn't be considered orchids

The current orchid family could easily be split into 3, 4 or 5 families, slippers being one of them. Then taxonomists could have a joy ride elevating genera to tribes, sections to genera, etc. Just what we need...
Welcome from South Africa,

I am anxious to try to grow some paphs from seed.-rob
Pm me your address and I will send you some paph seed to get you started. Let me know if you want to try species or hybrids.


and not orchids, hmmm, then what the heck are they?
A way more royal and desirable group of plants than just 'simply orchids' :p