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Oct 4, 2014
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Hello fellow slipper fans,

I just registered and thought I'd say hello to all of you. I found this forum in search of info on the culture of slipper orchids.

I'm not only a newbie here but also to „real orchid growing“ in general. I have always had one or two of the usual mall and shopping centre hybrids on my window sills, but that was it. Despite growing plants since I was a little kid and finding orchids interesting, I never paid much attention to them because I always heard that they are hard to care for. But after seeing species plants live at a botanical garden and at some shows/vendors I became fascinated with species orchids and the orchid bug bit me during that and somewhere in the depths of the Internet and its countless beautiful orchid photos. I saw that many growers grow orchids successfully in their homes and wanted to give it a go, too. Slippers appeal to me especially because of their uniquely shaped flowers, and their relatively attractive foliage (I find many orchids quite unattractive when not in flower, like most Cattleyas or Dendrobiums).

Fast forward a bit, about a year or so after I bought my first species plant, and I have now already amassed a small collection of slippers and serveral plants of other genera. I have forced myself to stop buying more before my window sills start to look like miniature jungles. Now, I want to focus on learning how to properly care for what I already have and it seems I have found just the right place for that!
Welcome to Slippertalk, Hamlet. I used to think orchid plants were mostly unattractive when not in bloom, but I've come to appreciate their variety and individuality, and what they tell me about their needs.
Thank you all for the warm welcome (oder vielen Dank an die deutschsprachigen Poster)! =)

:) Welcome from New York State. We would love to see some pictures of your orchids.

P.S. My Grandmother came from Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is a lovely place, I've been there a couple of times, it's basically right behind the border from Germany to France.

I'm only getting started with orchids, so not much has bloomed for me yet.

Some pictures I took, nothing spectacular yet I'm afraid:

Paph. niveum:



Paph. parishii:


Paph. sukhakulii:


the schlimii I've shown in the Phrag. section:


Vanda coerulea:


some Cattleya hybrid:


and my first babies from flask (Paph. vietnamense):

Grüsse aus Norwegen! Einige wunderbare Pflanzen, möchte mal wissen woher die vietnamense herkommen. Sie sehen nicht gans so aus wie vietnamense gewönlicherweise aussehen aber das kann sich ändern, die Sämlinge sind nomalerweise nicht ganz so marmoriert wie die erwachsenen.
Welcome to best slipperorchid forum.I'm envious....Germany is an orchid paradise for someone like you. Good luck with slippers!!!(not too easy....)
Great start for a collection! Das ist doch eine sehr gute Basis für eine wunderbare Sammlung!

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