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This is an old picture. I think it was back in sophmore year. Me and a bunch of friends just got out of a party and was looking for some munchies. I was plastered, hence me surfing down the isle in a shopping cart.

Man those were the days.

Here's a kinda scarey up-close, oh my god, tien's head is way too big, picture.

Me at my wedding being so very glamourshots.
We have some lovely ladies in this forum by the way :)
These are the only photos I have of me that aren't taken from a mile away. Like you need to see me up close, huh?


John, its hard to take you seriously with the image of the Kovachii suit in my head :poke:
John, you are so damned photogenic....

Blake, I am going to draw some horns on your head and re-post (tell me someone else gets that reference please? Hint...Where is that damned cat??)

Tien - not scary, not one bit!

Marco - too funny!

(I secretly love these threads, I really enjoy knowing who I am talking to, I am also a super visual person, so it really helps me.)
Never cared for pics of myself or hearing my own voice recorded, etc. Good thing I don't have a twin'd drive me nuts.

Instead of a pic of myself, here is a picture of a photo of myself taken at last falls Mid America Orchid Conference dinner next to the late Willa Klett. She was a dear friend and one of the first "orchid people" I ever met.


Ford Rheinland Picture
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Oh Wendy, your boys are adorable! I sooo want a second cat so that Willard wouldn't be so lonely, but I am forbidden to have another one by the lease. :(
Yeah. I take the time (a year) to grow my hair out, memorize all the lines, get the garb down, and the partyhosts have the indecency to have niether vodka, kahlua, NOR half and half. Oh well. Everyone wanted to shake The Dude's hand; give The Dude a drink; hear The Dude talk; hand The Dude a jay; give The Dude a lapdance. The Dude can't complain (and also abides).
A valiant effort, I must say. It looks pretty darn good.

In other Lebowski news, my brother just spent several hundred dollars on a GIGANTIC (9 ft tall?) Italian movie poster for Il Grande Lebowski.
Okay, here's a recent photo of me in my work clothes. Sorry for the poor quality.