Cymbidium Exeter Carnelian (Cymbidium goeringii x Cymbidium Voodoo)

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Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Cymbidium Exeter Carnelian is (Cymbidium goeringii x Cymbidium Voodoo).

I have several of these, but this one was a selected clone from Tim (twculbertson) on E-bay.

This is obviously JUST opening up, but I don't know if or when I'll have time to take good photos. The plant has 2 spikes, with 5 or 6 flowers, assuming none blast. Tim told me this one was barely fragrant, but in my conditions it's pretty decently scented. This cultivar has the fruity-citrusy smell of some of the larger Cymbs I've bloomed. Very pleasant, like some delicious mandarin orange candy. I find that particularly interesting because the other cultivar I've bloomed so far has a scent more like C. goeringii, distinctly different and more perfumey floral.

I love these crosses! They stay small and manageable. Plus they're pretty adaptable to different conditions. I'm growing this one out in my minimally heated greenhouse over winter. But the other one (that smells like goeringii) stays indoors with the Paphs and Phrags under lights all year. And they both bloom for me!


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Thanks for the tip on Tim. I have a goeringii blooming from NWO.
Oh no. Now I've got competition for the auctions. LOL I haven't seen a whole lot of Cymbs on his auction list as of late, but he also has lots of nice Paphs, Catasetum alliance plants, and miscellaneous other genera.

I'm pretty much ALWAYS on the lookout for hybrids like this. My favorites are these hybrids that are 1/2 C. goergingii (or closely related species) as well as the intersectional primary hybrids involving section Jensoa.

Awesome! I love C. goeringii. I do well with flowering C. goeringii, but I also admit I appreciate the fact that hybrids like this are a lot more adaptable and a lot easier to bloom reliably with minimal additional effort.

I've also got a C. goeringii in bloom, but it's fairly meh compared to this from a photographic standpoint. If only we had a way to capture the fragrance! C. goeringii is supposedly cold hard in my (recently updated) zone 8a area. I've even seen it in the gardens at Plant Delights nursery doing quite well. But I'm not willing to risk trying one directly in the ground (yet). They are apparently also growing them outdoors over at the JC Raulston Arboretum, but I haven't seen them there yet.

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