As good as it gets. The best triploid Fritz.

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David, I agree that the goal of Fritz Schomburg from the beginning was the production of a big, round, red to purplish flower and the cross with a top tetraploid besseae gets as close to the ideal as possible. I don’t think there has been a better triploid than what you are showing. I have only seen the picture of the supposed tetraploid FS that Orchids Limited photographed this year as compared to the triploid FS that we both have. I don’t know if I will be fortunate enough to grow orchids long enough to be able to grow/bloom one of these tetraploids so for now, the plant you are showing is the pinnacle.
Terry, agreed. I haven’t seen better.
I have a compot of what is supposed to be a sibbing of two tetraploid Lovely Lynne clones. These may rival this plant if they are what they say they are.
I would expect the Fischer’s to be selling seedlings from their tetraploid Fritz very soon. I’d love a seedling of either the cross to a tetraploid Jason Fischer or back to robs choice. A tetraploid Robert Jan Quene would be fun.
I started to write "good luck, David" and with that plant you don't NEED luck. The quality of that plant speaks for itself.

I see that your lovely magnolia is budding up again. I love that particular variety and
can't find it anywhere so far.
Truly spectacular! The plant is so well grown too, congratulations on the amazing culture, you're really blooming them at their fullest potential!

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