A trio of phrags

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
This one is for Eric. It’s the runty Fritz that now has three blooms open, one from each branch. The photos flatter this clone as it is closer to the camera than the other two.
So we have two triploid Fritz Schomburg clones, both made with besseae ‘rob’s choice’. The third plant is Mem. Mariza Rolando ( kovachii x Hanns Popow).
David, in my land-locked situation in my plant room I am facing difficult decisions about what plants I can keep. The rubric that seems to be developing in my head would have me getting rid of the runty FS. I am not going to keep two of anything unless they are rare AND exceptional (or have profound sentimental value). I have two plants from the same cross as your non-runty FS and when they are both mature (and large) I won't be able to keep both. Maybe you can keep expanding your windowsills?
I am in the same predicament Terry. My indoor space is limited and now that this generation of plants have reached full size it’s time for a cull.
The runty Fritz is definitely on the list to go as the other is so much nicer.
Three other red phrags are also going. Some will go onto the raffle table at the orchid society and others will be sold.
Stunning display, and the plants look beautifully grown, congrats!