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Art auction time!

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I’m happy you took notice of this one. It’s very jewel-like, as well it should be given the subject matter! If you let me know where I’d theoretically be shipping to, I’ll take a crack at an estimate.
I get my piece back from the framers Tuesday or Wednesday.
I cannot wait!!
I'll try to post of picture of the finished piece after it's found a home on one of my walls here. I'll wait to say what it is framed in.
Too bad I couldn't afford 'museum glass'.....that stuff is expensive!

(excitement building at the Craig and Gary household!)

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Excellent! No, that stuff is not cheap. I'll admit I don't use it--I also don't hang original art near windows and only use pigments with the highest lightfastness ratings (easy to do as long as you invest in quality paints and steer clear of convenience pigments).

It'll be fun for me especially to see what you guys have done with it--I'd put money on it being tasteful!
OK, I got the picture back on Saturday. I can't seem to get a good picture of it. It is EXCELLENT! I chose a mahogany wood frame with an off-white mat. The mat is 3" on both sides and on top and weighted to 4" on the bottom. I'll try some more to get pictures of it but it is FANTASTIC!


Craig, what is this picture thing you speak of? :poke:

I think that first image you sent me pretty much told the story--it was clear your choices were absolutely perfect for the piece.
LOL @ Robin.
Here's a picture of the finished piece.
I don't like the photograph of it very much, but it will give you
an idea of the finished product.

I could not be happier. The mahogany perfectly compliments the piece.
If I get a better picture I'll try to post it.

(obviously the reflections of the flash are not part of the piece)
I also forgot how BIG the photograph is when you see it on image shack....oops.

I had convinced myself over a week ago that these auctions were up at midnight PST tonight, and was about to post a heads up to anyone who might be on the fence; I should have done that two nights ago.

Many thanks to John for his bid, and to Craig for reassuring everyone how nice my work is in person.

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