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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Normally, I am not bothered by spiders. However, I am currently residing in my mother's finished basement apartment and, I'm afraid I've infringed on someone else's territory. At first, it was just a stray spider that I found when I stripped the bed the other day. I let those little ones be, maybe they'll do some good for my plants, ya know? But then, this morning, a big fat red spider ran across the floor. It looked evil, so it got squashed. Shortly thereafter, I saw two little babies crawling up the wall next to my bed. Then two others, upon closer inspection.

Then, just now, I pulled out the extra bed I'm taking when I move out next week to make sure it was clean and everything. No spiders there. Thank goodness. :)

However, when I went in the other room to dust off the headboard, I noticed this. It is roughly the size of one of my humidity trays.

For comparison:

My roomate:
(I think she just ate the cat...)

Would anyone like to start a poll on how many days it will be before I wake up completely encased in webbing? I am having serious "creature double-feature" flashbacks. Shiver.
ARGHHH i have never seen a spider here and then today, i got a package of plants and when i opened the box, there was a little spider in there. no biggie, i just left her and thought i'd take her out with the box. Then JUST now i saw it ON MY BED!!!
Lien, I think it's karma for that package you sent me that time that contained a millipede. Or was it a centipede? Which ones are poisonous?

In any case, I think you all need to invest in a case of Raid. Insects must die.
PHRAG said:
In any case, I think you all need to invest in a case of Raid. Insects must die.
I'm surprised Zach hasn't chimed in with "spiders and centipedes aren't insects." :poke:

PS - I'm just joshin' with ya Zach, please don't send me any arthropods.
Well, they are all bugs. And if they come within five feet of me they die. If I walk up on them, they sometimes get to live. But make a move towards me and it's on!

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