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Jan 19, 2020
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I received an HCC from our Dallas Judging center a couple weeks ago for my Les Varines. This is my second award for Les Varines. These are two totally different plants. My first was a purchased division. This one, my second was from a flask that I purchased a few years ago. Here are pictures of each. I believe this shows the wide variation in hybrids. One obvious shows more kovachii while the other more sargentianum. I think both are beautiful. Sorry, my computer uploaded the pictures in reverse order, the first images is actually my second award.
The Comments?

Les Varines 'Dalton  James' HCC (12-2021).jpg

20171719 (1).jpg
Congratulations. Interesting the variability. Guessing one had PK as pod parent? Do you know if the one that expresses more PK has been successfully back crossed to PK?
Thank you,
I don't know to both questions. I would try that myself. But, I lost mine in the big freeze last Feb.
Interesting. I like the first photo (second award?) much better. The kov. types are lovely,
but unless it has the perfect classic shape, it generally doesn't appeal to me over much.