Aloha from Hawaii!

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Hi all,

New here on the forum, but I have been "looking in" from time to time and I must say, everyone is friendly and willing to share their experiences. I just started off my collection with about four Roths, a Michael Kooperwitz, and a Phrag. Schroderae. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone.
Welcome from cold Michigan.

I have a Phrag. Schroderae 'Clyde' in bloom now and it's beautiful. I'm sure you will enjoy yours.
We welcome all roth addicts! What island are you on? I'd take any of them!
Thanks all...I'm located on the island of Oahu. Manoa valley to be exact. Today's midday temp was about 81F with an RH of 65%. It's closer to 80% at night.

Eric - where is the PK grower you know of located? I'm seriously considering bringing a few in...