ah the poets of ebay...

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It looks like one of those hybrids made from onc lanceanum?
Did anyone ever find where the actual NAME of the hybrid is mentioned? If it is THAT rare you would think it would be well documented and mentioned and for sure not put on ebay!!!!
slippertalker said:
Even worse, it was a mediocre phal listed as a denBrobium....LOL:)
It was not a misprint.
This way the buyers can not ask for a refund because the plant is not a dendrobium:clap: ingenious.
Remember the lady who sells the pictures of something (and not the thing in the pictures)
not exactly poets...

looks like a sanders pride...i can't believe people are actually bidding on it...more power to the vendor for that one..."For auction is the stunning Paphiopedilum species; Paph. sanderianum, growing happily in a 3" square pot. All photos below are of the exact orchid you will receive. It stands 7" tall (including the pot), and spans 10" across. Do not miss this one!" I wonder if the diet Mug is included in the package too...that would make the package more worthwhile


looks like a straight up roth...but "The picture shown is a bloom from an orchid of the same cross."


700+ comments each. goes to show how accurate those stars are.

Edit - They might change it soon though cause I went and sent both of them a link to this thread.
cgmoody screwed me on several plants. i learned the hard way with those people.
Ren - That's Matt. He's here on this forum. I wouldn't hesitate to bid/buy anything he has up. That curtisii looks pretty sweet actually! I would bid but i need to reserve my precious grow space.

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