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Oct 6, 2008
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Naperville, IL
Hi All,

Not sure if any of you are aware that we use Blue Genesis as our long time website hosting service. Recently, Blue Genesis changed to a portal based configuration and after two solid weeks of trying and a ton of back and forth emails, we still can't figure out how to update our online shopping cart. So, we are going to try listing a few items on eBay to see how it works out. We've just listed our first item: Phrag. besseae fma flavum 'Green Gold' HCC/AOS (x self) seedling with nominal 4 inch leaf span. We have 12 of these to sell and they will be available on the eBay website tomorrow, May, 27, 2020. I know several of you are on the waiting list for one of these seedlings, so please check out the listing or give me a call and I can take down your info if we don't already have it.
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We will have other plants to list on eBay; this is our test case to see how the system works. You can still order from the website; the problem is we can't find a way to update the website using Blue Genesis as the web-hosting entity. If ours is a typical Blue Genesis launch, I suspect they are losing a lot of business.
Thanks, Southern Belle! We have about ten more of these, but they won't be of saleable size until Sept-Oct. 2020. PM me if any of you might be interested in one of these and I'll start a list.

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