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Oct 13, 2006
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Columbia, SC
Got this plant today from George A. Bogard as Paph. tigrinum which it obviously is not. He is making me go through eBay's process instead of making it right. Buyer beware if you are considering his listings.

I really don't know what to think about this. I bought a flask of tigrinums that have this same pattern and I later had a chance to see the seller's mother plant. It had these same markings. Also, a forum member posted a photo of his plant in flower last year and it had these same markings. I thought tigrinum had solid leaves, but I've decided to take a wait and see attitude about the plants I have. I do know that it is difficult to ID plants from leaves alone. I have some hangianums from Perner and some of them have a bit of variegation. Maybe it depends on light and other cultural conditions. I doubt if anyone in the US has seen enough of these rarer species to know for sure what the leaves should look like. Mike
any plant can go through chlorosis, which has the effect of some mottling showing up but it's usually along the veins. This plant may be experiencing chlorosis (due to culture?) but I have never seen this type of mottling show up unless it's already on a plant that is known to mottle like this. for example, these are both tigrinums that are experiencing chlorosis..notice how the mottling is very different...some mottling but the patterns are not definite and nowhere near what we see in your plant. I have seen a lot of hybrids be passed off as one of the parental species, in which the other parent is a mottled type. Many flaskings with a mottled hybrid will have solid coloring in flask, with the mottling showing up after deflasking. I have been burned a few times by this myself (back in the 90's and early 2000's) when it was common to breed mottled types with multis. I suspect that this could be a tigrinum hybrid mislabeled as a species tigrinum


I know what chlorosis is, and this ain't it. The dude tried to tell me tigrinum come out of the flask mottled and grow out of it later, but unfortunately for him I've cracked a couple flasks of them in my day lol
I know what chlorosis is, and this ain't it.l

I will agree Tony based on the photo(The markings are evenly presented on the leaves).
If the markings appears like a blotch or a long stripe(on random leaves), that would be a different story.

and the shape of the leaf is not right either....so it is a mislabeled plant IMO.

Tony, did you see the photo of this plant before you bid on it?
I agree that the mottling of the foliage is clearly natural leaf patterning and not chlorosis or disease.

I've recently had a disappointing experience with this person on Ebay as well so I know how stressful it can be. In my situation, things worked out sans an apology when it was clear he was in the wrong, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I know **** happens. Anyway, I do hope you get this worked out because I'm sure that if you paid anywhere close to what P. tigrinum is worth, it's a good chunk of money.

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