A few Catts from the past few months...

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Dec 27, 2006
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Somerville, NJ
Some highlights from what has bloomed out the past few months. This is beginning the fourth year where I've had a hand in working with the Rutgers collection, and we're starting to see some results.

C. Alice B. DuPont 'Waldor' HCC/AOS on left and what we believe is Wendy Patterson on the right. The Wendy Patterson grows like a weed and blooms on maturing growths. It gets divided every year and I feel there is a piece in bloom more often than not.

Two little snot-sized pieces Alice B. DuPont got potted up together and one just finished blooming. Flower was barely any smaller on this plant than the one shown above.

A just opening Lc. Cahamiana 'Azure Skies' AM/AOS.

Group shot of the cousins that are in there prime right now.
(A coerulea Lc. Canhamiana semi-alba, Canhamiana 'Azure Skies', an unstaked Canhamiana semi-alba, and L. purpurata var. striata up top.

Something small, Orpetii x cernua - Charmingly colored flowers.

Something big, Myrmecophila tibicnis - These spikes are 8'+ and extend up to the roof and bend to accomodate. When I stand on the benches (three feet high) to peak into hanging stuff, the difference in temp is big. I mean it's hot. These flowers are another 8' up and they hang in there.

Slc. Clive Brown (Horace x Orpetii)
C. National Geographic 'Waldor'

(Yeah I cheated for the pic. The doral usually doesn't stand straight, so I gave it some help for the photo.)

C. Nancy Off 'Linwood' AM/AOS (89 pts)
Getting ready...

Just starting...

And this is as good as it got...well picture-wise

One of the best flowerings of C. Bow Bells 'July' I've seen it do. Only one flower on the inflorescence, but it was a damn good one.

Group shot...

Lc. Gold Digger 'Orchid Jungle' HCC/AOS - Took first in small-flowered Catts at the Philly Flower show this year. Here it is staged in the new Horticourt.

Lc. Harold Carlson


ID anyone??? Obviously bifoliate, but I don't have pics of plant.
OM..., I just had a CATTLEYA dream, or were those pics in our forum !??

:clap::clap: Wonderful :clap::clap:!


(any tips for getting tibicinis to bloom?)

Do you have the name of the little green-white Encyclia in one of the first pics?

Thanks for sharing!
OM..., I just had a CATTLEYA dream, or were those pics in our forum !??

:clap::clap: Wonderful :clap::clap:!


(any tips for getting tibicinis to bloom?)

Benign neglect...go full out on sun, good luck cooking it...this one get a very healthy dose, it stays high in the gh so it stays warm, and I am lighter with water in the summer. This ones gotta be 20ish if not more. Once, long ago it was growing in a 10 inch clay pot, which is still in there if you dig. We just let it ramble.