A couple more paphs

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A few new things opened in the greenhouse this week:


A very nice Dollgoldi. First bloom, 4 total growths. Originally opened at 15 cm leaf spread, but is now almost 18 cm.


I love the micranthums! The pouch is a little small from previous plants. This is a first bloom on a plant with 12 growths! I bought it last summer from Sam Tsui at Orchid Inn.


Cute little plant (Pinnochio alba), but I think I like the species better. But I better get used to it because it'll be blooming for awhile (chuckle).

I had a chance to see these at the show this morning. That Grande is smoking hot. I took some pics at the show, but they look just like yours.
I like them all. The Dollgoldii looks great I sure wish mine would bloom. Seems like it will never bloom.

I wish I would've been able to attend the show...I'm sitting my 24 hr alert shift at Davis-Monthan today. I brought the plants over to a friend's last night for delivery to the show in Phoenix early this morning. Any other Dollgoldi's on display at the show?

I'm planning on putting the micranthum pollen on the Dollgoldi when I get the plants back. I'm hoping for a slightly larger Fumi's Delight.
There weren't any other Dollgoldis on display, and yours was the first I have seen in person too. They are pretty cool. I am going to post a thread with a couple of pics of some paphs from the show.