Paph. rothschildianum 'Black Eagle' x 'Knight Challenge' SM/JOGA

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
First bloom on a single growth with 84 cm natural spread. 1 flower so far still adjusting its petal stance but I think about done widening. 3 additional buds- 2 of which will open. 4th- too soon to tell, but developing. Nice color in the pouch. 24 cm spread. Dorsal width in the "has a great personality" category at 4.4 cm.

Roth Black Eagle x Knight Challenge SM - 04-17-23 FST BLM.JPG
Thank you. I have one other in bud right now and expecting more to come. The bloom spike is growing much taller- which is good- but the buds are still quite tiny and the first one had mechanical damage and died very small. So it will be a couple of weeks before there are results. Fingers crossed!
It was a close call for me Ozpaph. My issue right now is space. Looking to see what blooms next, but I may end up wishing I had kept this one. Luckily I know where it is- so I can trade to get it back maybe :)
Looks pretty good. You sure are quick to cull. The first flower is still opening. From the photo, I would be amazed if the 4th bud doesn't develop. It looks very advanced.

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