‘Fuzzy’ the Vietnamense

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This is not the color break you would normally see in flowers as result of virus infection or abnormal gene expression.
This feature is normal for the species. You might find flowers with very little to almost no color streaks but almost all of them would have this to some degree.
Agreed… the color streaks are all over. It’s just a matter of placement and if it affects the overall beauty.
I find it utterly gorgeous and the deeply hued ground colour of the slipper very attractive...
And in front of such beauty, who would care for a few colour breaks, when so nicely distributed (almost like a pattern)....apart from a few whacky judges, that is?! 😁😁😁
Cutie. I actually like that little petal streak. Maybe one day it will bloom with it on both sides.

Many moons ago, I had one with a solid streakless purple pouch, but it was a really weak grower and I don't think it's still alive.
The streak was the fatal flaw to be considered for an award. They did like the shape and look forward to the next blooming that will hopefully correct the bilaterally asymmetry of the color. Therefore it was passed.

I knew that would happen but brought it in as teaching/learning guide.