The Elusive Vietnamense: Third Odyssey

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Feb 1, 2019
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I’ve had this vietnamense for about 4 years now (OI select) and it has tried blooming twice before. Each time it blasted and was such a trip for me.

This time it has passed the critical stage and about to open!! Third time lucky?!

Just peeking inside I see dark petals and a very round dark red pouch … big expectations for it as ‘Halo Be Thy Name’ was similar too.

Here she is, unfolding!!! Wish her luck!


And oh yeah, I ignored it like it wasn’t there from the beginning… like the others lol. This is the first time I touched it.

They hate being watched daily! And will spontaneously implode if anyone gets too close as they are wayyyyy too shy 🙈. And finicky. Vengeful indeed 😑.
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Stake it up right and stop fiddling with it!!! Looks good, so far!
It’s too soon to stake because they will keep nodding forward and have bad presentation.

I’ll stake when flower almost fully open. And I won’t touch it or look until that time lol. Hard lessons of past are learnt and remembered 🫠.
That's the stage where my giant malipoense would drop its bud off after 7-8months' wait.😜
How long has it taken from the first sign of spike to now on this plant?
So it’s opened BUT with a few minor imperfections… I shouldn’t have touched it lol. Luckily a second bud is on its way from another growth 🤞.


Might just bring to Judging tomorrow because I can lol. I’m sure they will criticize the streak and pouch indentations lol.

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