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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I received my order from Jim from Winsome orchids today

I'm happy with my plants and thought I'd pass on the link to his listing. I bought my 3rd Woluwense (stupid, stupid, stupid, hitting forehead) and 4 others. He shipped right away and I'm enjoying my mother's day prezzies early. Happy enabling.
I guess I'll see which one of the Woluwense I like best and trade or sell the other two. I keep forgetting I own it already and buy another. Then another. I think I'll remember I own three, now..

Heather, you're entitled to a mother's day gift. The plants wouldn't qualify you, but the cat definately. Now I must shop for my b-day. I'm thinking sangii. Woodstream orchids won't reply to my several e-mails but Bloomfields has them listed.:)
i just cant get past the "Billy's Buds" name. It sounds like either a drug dealer with a sense of humor or the name of a gay bar.
:rollhappy: I don't know why there are two names for one site/business. The Billysbuds paph price list works fine, but if you go directly to the Winsome homepage and click on the paph listing it's messed up. Quite a long listing to peruse through.
Here's a couple of crosses with quite a few plants in bloom/bud at Winsome.
If anyone's interested, I'll be down there on Saturday and can select plants for you.

First, Paph barbatum



Here's Paph Snow Squall (Greyi x delenatii)


Here's a picture of a plant, growing in a 3 1/2" pot.