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Wildcatt Orchid Software Auction

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I've got a registered copy of Wildcatt software available for sale. I'd like to see if there's any interest. Buyer to pay $5.50 to me for shipping and all proceeds after that will go to forum support. Place a bid!


Comes with User guide and receipts with my credit card info. removed -sorry! 4 CD's Fall 2000 Version, Fall 2001 Update, Spring 2001 Update and Spring 2002 Update.

From what I understand, for $29.95 you can buy the March 2007 update from them directly https://www.wildcattdata.com/NewWeb/index.html that will make the software current. From their site "Each Wildcatt Update completely replaces the data of any previous installation, with the exception of certain executable files. This means that when you do a reinstallation of Wildcatt, all you need to install is your original program installation set and your final update. All intermediate update disks can be discarded. You need only keep the original CD and your final update in order to maintain a completely current copy of the Wildcatt Orchids database. "

So, I believe you don't need the 2 middle CD's, but I'll send them along anyway. Or you can just use this software for reference if you don't care if it's up to date or not.

Here's what the software will do: "Wildcatt Orchids is a full featured database program that incorporates all the data contained in Sander's List of Orchid Hybrids as well as Awards Quarterly data from the present back through 1970 into a powerful tool that allows you to sift and analyze information pertinent to awardable orchids in your collection or to crosses in your breeding program.

With Wildcatt Orchids you will be able to:


List the progeny of any orchid and determine which progeny have been successful breeders. Limit progeny searches to a specific number of generations, or search all generations.

Find out which species have been involved in a particular cross. View or print a graph of the information

Quickly find out if a cross has been registered.

List hybrids made by a particular hybridizer. Find out which hybridizers have been most active.

Access award data to find out what awards a particular hybrid or species has earned. Display description and measurements. How does your plant compare?

Run progeny lists against awards. Find out which progeny of a particular hybrid have been awarded.

Generate a genealogy tree of any hybrid and display or print it. All genealogies are calculated back to species. Species percentages are calculated a displayed as a pie chart.

Generate genealogies for unregistered crosses.

Look up, display, and print information about natural genera and intergenerics."

System requirements are:Windows 3.1x/9x/NT/XP or higher

386 or higher processor

16 meg RAM recommended

70 Meg free space on hard drive required to run program

I have a Mac but ran it under Virtual PC with no problems.

I bought OrchidWiz and don't need a duplicate award database. Thanks, and be sure to check out their site for all the info.
I don't know. I of course, will be deleting my copy before sending it on to the winner. Maybe shoot them an e-mail and ask, if it's not stated on the website.
Thank you soooo much Candace. I'm pretty poor right now :(
Just in case you haven't heard back from them, there's a license agreement sticker on the software envelope that reads,

"The Wildcatt license agreement permits you to use one copy of the enclosed software. For convenience, you may install the software on more than one computer, provided the software is running on only one computer at a time....you may, however, loan or sell your copy of Wildcatt, provided that you remove any installed version from your computers."

So you can install it on both your laptop and computer.
Thanks Craig, I was finally able to paypal the amount to Blake today without any site problems. Thanks for supporting the forum.

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